Call of Duty is making us all Zombies!!!

Call of duty takes advantage of immersive techniques to continuously produce many #1 Games on multiple systems. Call of duty utilizes immersive techniques such as, the sound of gun fire, explosions, and more to emphasize the sound-image relationship. Although those audio effects are very effective, they seem to go unnoticed because they are assumed to be a basic necessity for the game. Quotes such as “Throwing frag” and screams in Call of Duty gives the player the audio experience of war. These sayings might not be seen as an effective part of immersive techniques, but they effect a player’s mind. Whether our conscious recognizes it or not these sayings trigger sensory neurons that send signals to your brain to be interpreted. When hearing theses phrases along with visual stimulation, trigger certain memories or associations. These together emerge the player further into the game during game play.  As I played Call of Duty I noticed that the controller vibrates when you pull the trigger and the gun is firing bullets, and also when you’re getting shot or blown up by a grenade. This timely vibration plays another major part in the reason Call of Duty has been a best-selling game. These vibrations are responsible for activating the sensory neurons that deal with touch.

Before starting game play for Call of duty I left the game on the home screen, while I pulled up the instructions for the lab. Due to a few distractions, it took a minute to finish my set up. Over time I noticed how demanding the music was on the home screen. Then I remembered how last week I was humming this tune as I was doing homework. This sound plays loudly on the home screen, and quietly the whole time you are playing the game. This makes the game even more immersive because the music sinks into your sub-conscious while you focus on playing the game.

 Kids can’t take their eyes off the screen

Call of Duty manages to manipulate 3 out of 5 of their player’s senses. This means that millions of sensory neurons are passing through the action phase. When the sound-image relationship is synchronized well, these neurons all hit the resting potential, and action phase at the same time. This neuropsychology plays an important part in keeping players emerged into the game. For example, when a flash or concussion grenade is thrown player’s characters are left temporarily blind. When this happens the screen simultaneously turns all white to simulate the character being blind. At the same time this piercing noise is played through the speaker. This combination gives us the closest experience possible, with todays technology, to the real thing. It nearly gives its players the feeling of being at war.

Call of Duty consistently tops the charts as a first person shooter game because they have figured out how to maximize today’s technology to give gamers the most immersive feeling possible.  They continue to build on these immersive techniques as it further develops. Advancing things such as graphics, sounds, stories, and more.